Viser innlegg med etiketten flying saucers. Vis alle innlegg
Viser innlegg med etiketten flying saucers. Vis alle innlegg

søndag 11. mars 2012

UFO-observation of an unusual character

Here's an UFO-observation of an unusual character - from William Lynes, "PentagonAliens": (page 95):

«Recently, a greengrocer acquaintance related to me how, while he and his daughter were
traveling from the Albuquerque airport to their home in Santa Fe one night in the 1980s, they
were followed all the way by a 'cigar-shaped' ship which flew not far above their car. They
got a good look at the bottom, described as looking like a rusty old iron ship's hull, complete with rivets. There were a line of portholes along the bottom—like a dirigible—and he could hear the drone of a diesel engine.»

  • Rusty old iron ships hull, complete with rivets?
  • Line of portholes along the bottom?
  • Drone of a diesel engine?
Doesn't sound very extra terrestrial to me.

We are being “told” that:

1: UFOs do not exist.

2: If UFOs exist, they are extraterrestrial.

The most rational option, namely that ...

3: All UFOs are real, man-made flying machines, invented and flown by humans for almost 70 years.

... are barely considered.

Some thoughts about the ufo-phenomenon

This blog is intended to deal with the UFO phenomenon in general, and Hessdalen particularly. In my opinion, Hessdalen represents the global UFO phenomenon in a miniature version. Thus, by studying Hessdalen, one can learn about the global UFO phenomenon.
Here are some thoughts on the origin of the UFO phenomenon as it appears in my view:

During World War Allied pilots and crew observed what were called "foo fighters"-yet it is the big wave in 1947 which is considered as the start of the modern UFO phenomenon.
A U.S. intelligencereportfrom 1945 states that foo fighters / phoo bombs were German weapons.
But what about the flying saucer wave of 1947 and the UFO phenomenon in general since the Second World War?
Officially UFOs are:

1: Non-existent (the case of hallucinations, misinterpretations, bluff, etc.)
2: If the UFO still exists it is something extra terrestrial.

Both views are fundamentally wrong in my opinion.

Unknown crafts with saucer, cigar, triangle, egg and bullet form, have been observed over the globe since 47. They are reported to be solid, physical objects with metallic hulls, etc.
As I see it, there is no reason to believe that this represents something alien.

Flying saucers looks like circular planes, cigar-shaped UFOs are similar to planes without wings (or flying U-boats), etc. In other words, It sounds to be an earthly technology. For the technology to a possible ET race (potentially millions of years ahead in development - and therefore far more advanced), I would expect something far more exotic than a vessel that looks like my car.

One can also conclude that over the years it has been an UFO "evolution" in which the vessels appear to have become more and more advanced. If one goes back to the earliest reports, as they appear in the many books written about the UFO-wave in 1947, we see that the UFOs are here in many cases described to let out exhaust / black smoke. Many reports also describe sounds from the UFO that resembled jet / rocket engines and there are also examples of reports where “motor sound” were heard. Speeds and maneuverability is not as impressing as described in reports of recent date.
In sum, it appears that the reports from 47 describes a new and advanced technology, but not exotic enough to represent something extra terrestrial.
So where can one look to find a potential earthly source?

U.S. Air Force investigated the phenomenon in 1947, and General Schulgen pointing out Nazi Germany and German technology developed during the war as a likely origin.

"To the purpose of analyzes and evaluation of the so-called "flying saucer" phenomenon, the object sighted is being Assumed to be a Manned aircraft, of Russian origin, and based on the perspective thinking and actual accomplishments of the Germans. "
Note the statement "Assumed to be of Russian origin ...". In other words, Schulgen may suspect another earthly origin than Soviet – namely something independent Nazi.

A CIA document (available through the Freedom of Information Act) dated 18 August, 1952 mentions that the Germans built flying saucers as early as 1941:

"Flying Saucers Have Been known to be an actuality since the Possibility of Their construction was proven in plans drawn up by German engineers toward the end of World War II."
Another CIA document dated May 27, 1954 identifies three different designs.
All these projects were jet-turbine-powered saucer shaped aircraft - as described in General Schulgens collection of intelligence memo from October 1947.

From the Schulgen-memo we have the following statement:

"Boundary layer Control method by suction, blowing, or a combination of both” og “Openings either in the leading edge top and bottom surfaces that are employed chiefly to accomplish boundary layer control or for the purpose of reducing the induced drag. "

Schulgen and his agents suspects in other words, that "someone" have found the solution to getting rid of the problem of "the boundary layer" and thus
reducing air resistance / friction and increase the aircraft's performance and efficiency significantly.

From Henry Stevens' book, "Hitler's Flying Saucers":
"Full-scale suction wing aircraft were built for purpose of testing this concept. These were the Junkers" Absaugeflugzeug "(suction aircraft) AF-l and the Fieseler" Absaugestorch "(suction-stork) AF-2".

"Concurrent with these experiments, work was being done into the feasibility of circular wings. This work also began in the 1930s with the basic ideas being credited to Professor Ludwig Prandtl. Early scientific papers on circular winged aircraft were written beginning in 1936 by Wilhelm Kinner and in 1938 by M. Hansen. Both of these scientists worked at the Aerodynamic Research Facility at Goettingen. By 1941 Dr. Alexander Lippisch was also engaged in experimentation on circular wings at the Messerschmitt firm. His design, designated J1253, was tested at the wind-tunnel at Goettingen. Dr. Lippisch was visited by Dr Giuseppe Belluzzo while at Messerschmitt in Augsburg and Lippisch worked together with Dr. F. Ringlib on a "Drehfluegel" or"rotating wing" which was tested at Peenemuende. As with suction wings, a body of scientific literature from those times documents this early circular-wing experimentation".

Here is atranslated NASAdocument,
originally written by the aforementioned Wilhelm Kinner in 1936, "On wings of circular design" ("Über tragflügel mit kreisförmigen basic Sketch").
As Henry Stevens says:

"The genius of the German designers was to combine the ideas of suction and circular wings into a single aircraft. Housing complete aircraft within its wing would eliminate the fuselage and so eliminate an unnecessary, drag-causing structure."

Finally, I want to mention another German engineer Heinrich Fleissner, who took out U.S. patent on his design for a suction saucer - based on the projects he was involved in at Peenemunde during the war:

In an article from 1980 in the German magazine Neue Presse Fleissner describes his work at Peenemunde:
"Fleissner was an engineer, designer and advisor to what he calls a "Flugscheibe" project based at Peenemuende during the war. It is interesting to note that Fliessner's area of expertise, fluidics, is exactly the specialty involved in investigating problems with boundary layer flow. Fleissner reports that the saucer with which he was involved would have been capable of speeds up to 3,000 kilometers per hour within the earth's atmosphere and up to 10,000 kilometers outside the earth's atmosphere. He states that the brains of the developmental people were found in Peenemuende under the tightest of secrecy."

In his memorandum, it is clear what Schulgen believed we were facing in 1947: namely, jet-turbine-powered saucer shaped aircraft (built in lightweight materials) which extraordinary maneuverability and performance were based on eliminating the problem of "the boundary layer" and thus reduceing air resistance and friction .

As mentioned previously, General Schulgen and U.S. Air Force opened for a possible independent Nazi origin to the UFO phenomenon. When you take the technology that was under development into account, and also know that the Nazis as early as in 1943 planned to go underground after the war, this forms a frightening picture.