mandag 2. april 2012

Sound phenomena as well in Hessdalen; evidence of underground (military) base?

Taken from Haviks book (the UFO phenomenon, 1987):


"Early in the period after 1981, a few people at Øyungen heard sounds which resembled a train passing through a tunnel just below where they stood. Apparently, a "train" passed by from one end to the other, underground where they were. They got scared, and went home.

Later, it is mainly “thunder-like" sounds which have been heard. Today, no explanation is found for these sounds.

On 6. September 1984, two people heard deep roars at 09.18, 15.25 and 15.33. They came from the north-east.

On 7. September the same year, double “explosion-like" sounds were heard on the west side of mount Romundhaugen at 19.55. Later sounds were heard around Romundhaugen, as if the roar moved around the mountain.

If these sound phenomena in any way are related to the light phenomena, they will possibly have some connection with geological 'activity', and then both lights and sound phenomena should be a natural part of this. One has not been able to prove anything in favor of this theory yet."


My mind goes inevitable to what I've read about regarding deep, underground military bases (dumbs), and underground tunnel systems in both the United States and Europe - as in a military context can be traced back to Nazi Germany and the vast underground complexes which was built in Germany during ww2.
Are there similar underground facilities in the Hessdalen area?

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