søndag 11. mars 2012

UFO-observation of an unusual character

Here's an UFO-observation of an unusual character - from William Lynes, "PentagonAliens": (page 95):

«Recently, a greengrocer acquaintance related to me how, while he and his daughter were
traveling from the Albuquerque airport to their home in Santa Fe one night in the 1980s, they
were followed all the way by a 'cigar-shaped' ship which flew not far above their car. They
got a good look at the bottom, described as looking like a rusty old iron ship's hull, complete with rivets. There were a line of portholes along the bottom—like a dirigible—and he could hear the drone of a diesel engine.»

  • Rusty old iron ships hull, complete with rivets?
  • Line of portholes along the bottom?
  • Drone of a diesel engine?
Doesn't sound very extra terrestrial to me.

We are being “told” that:

1: UFOs do not exist.

2: If UFOs exist, they are extraterrestrial.

The most rational option, namely that ...

3: All UFOs are real, man-made flying machines, invented and flown by humans for almost 70 years.

... are barely considered.

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