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Flying saucer-wave 1947; Schulgens collection memorandum, part 1

As mentioned in another post, General Schulgens collection of intelligence memorandum is one of three undeniable genuin Roswell-related documents in addition to the FBI document that recently arrived in the media. Schulgens memo deserves its own post.

In October 1947, ie. after the Roswell incident had taken place, General George F. Schulgen wrote a memorandum regarding U.S. Air force views on and knowledge of flying saucers/UFOs. This is enlightening reading, where it is said that flying saucers are
real, and that the crafts are based on German technology developed at the end of the war.

For many years, a fake version of the memo was in circulation. The fake version was virtually the same as the real with the exception of a single sentence that was added (more on this later).

On page 3 of the memo Schulgen states:
4: This strange object, or phenomenon, may be considered, in view of certain observations, as long-range aircraft capable of a high rate of climb, high cruising speed (possibly sub-sonic at all times) and highly maneuverable and capable aircraft of being flown in very tight formation. For the purpose of analyzes and evaluation of the so-called "flying saucer" phenomenon, the object sighted is being assumed to be a manned aircraft, of Russian origin, and based on the perspective thinking and actual accomplishments of the Germans.

In this context it is worth remembering that Colonel Blanchards immediate impression of the debris in Roswell, was that the debris was somthing Sovietish. Similarly Major Marcel, when he inspected the wreck, expressed that he did not know where it came from, but that he did not think it could be a secret U.S. Project. In other words. - There was nothing about the debris that brought the mind into something extraterrestrial.

If we assume, as many ufologist do, that Schulgens memo is partly based on the incident in Roswell (very likely, as we will soon see), the last sentence of paragraph 4 clearly points a finger in the direction of Nazi Germany when it comes to the origin of the UFO phenomenon in general and Roswell in particular.

It is precisely here that the fake version of the memorandum comes in with its addition (highlighted in bold) that changes the meaning of the statement completly:

4: ... the object sighted is being Assumed to be a Manned aircraft, of Russian origin, and based on the perspective thinking and actual accomplishments of the Germans,
it is the considered opinion of some elements that the object may in fact representant an interplanetary craft of some kind.

The person that wrote the fake version obviously does not want that one should consider taking the German angle in a closer look ...

For the record, it must be noted that the overall context of the document, does not give support to an extraterrestrial conclusion at all . On the contrary, the document points its fingers towards Nazi- Germany.


(Based on Joseph P. Farrell analysis in Roswell and the Reich, (2010)):

1: "Absence of sound except for an occasional roar when operating under super performance conditions".

"Roaring sound" gives hints in the direction of jet and / or rocket engines, and thus indicates an earthly technology - which the document in general support.

2. “Extreme maneuverability and apparent ability to almost hover”.

This characteristic suggests, among other things, vertical (or at least almost vertical) take off, which means that a hypothetical base for this type of aircraft would require smaller facilities than bases for conventional aircraft - and thus would not be immediately recognizable by espionage and analysis of aerial photographs .

3: "A plan form approximating that of an oval or disc with a dome shape on the top surface."

This description matches the description of both the Nazi saucers and also the more conventional Horten flying wing design that Sculgen refers to.

4. "The absence of an exhaust trail except in a few instances when it was reprorted to-have a Bluish color, like a diesel exhaust, Which persisted for Approximately one hour. Other reports Indicated a brownish smoke trail That could be the result of a special catalyst or chemical agent for extra power."

This suggests again a kind of jet-driven vessel with a type of "catalyst" to maximize speed. This indicates once again an exotic technology, but not exotic enough to represent something extraterrestrial.

5. "The ability to quickly disappear by high speed or by complete" disintegration" and "the ability to suddenly appear without warning as if from an extremely high altitude.

This is the only point in Sculgens memo that could indicate something "more" than just jet turbines. The ability to "show up" and disappear should be seen as a sign of a more exotic type of field propultion / "anti-gravity". This description corresponds with the characteristics of american and british pilots regarding sightings of "foo fighters" over Germany during the war. Yet, one must note here the general Schulgens attempt to rationalize the extraordinary properties along the conventional lines (disappearence by high speed / sudden appearence as if from an extremely high altitude).

6. "Evasive action ability indicates possibility of being manually operated, or possibly by electronic or remote control devises."

Some ufologist has claimed that U.S. air force had a standing "shoot down" orders when it came to flying saucers, and this observation supports indirectly this.

7. "The greatest activity in the U.S. was hum the last week of June and the first week of July."

During this period the Roswell incident occurred, and Schulgen is probably familiar with the matter through hia "channels" and through public media. The reference to this period may indicate that the motivation for the memo is partly based on the Roswell incident, and that the timing (October) reflects the elapsed time in the investigation of the debris and that the memo also reflects the preliminary conclusions drawn from these investigations.

8. This strange object, or phenomenon, may be Considered, in view of certain observations, as long-range aircraft capable of a high rate of climb, high cruising speed (possibly sub-sonic at all times) and highly maneuverable and capable of being flown in very tight formation. For the purpose of analyzes and evaluation of the so-called "flying saucer" phenomenon, the object sighted is being assumed to be a manned aircraft, of russian origin, and based on the perspective thinking and actual accomplishments of the germans.

Note the statement "assumed to be of Russian origin ...". In other words, the door is open with respect to that it might be another earthly origin - something independent nazi.

9. "There is also the possibility that the Horten brothers' perspective thinking may inspired this type of aircraft - Particularly the 'parabola', which has a crescent plan form. Records show that only a glider version was built of this type of aircraft. "

Here Sculgen turns specific and mention a modification of the most advanced Nazi technology, he knows. In other words. - Schulgens best tip is a kind of modified version of the Horten flying wing.

10. “…where are these scientists now located, and what is their present activity?” And “What is the present acitivity of the Horten brothers, Walter and Riemar?”.

This, again, opens the door to another possibility - that we deal with an independent Nazi organization. Schulgen asks where in the Soviet Union (or in the Eastern bloc countries) these scientists are, but provides for a more general possibility - that they may be located anywhere and do anything for anyone.

11. “Are any efforts being made to develop the Horten ‘Parabola’ or modify this configuration to approximate an oval or disc?”

By asking this question, Schulgen reveals more about his own (and probably others), thoughts about what we are facing. Here he goes beyond the earlier assumption regarding Horten flying wing, and think now in the terms of turbine-powered saucers (With the high rate of climb, high cruising speed, ultra high-altitude capability, the ability to "almost hover" and thereby the assumed capability of vertical or nearly vertical-takeoff and landing by means of exhaust thrust vectoring).

12. “Boundary layer Control method by suction, blowing, or a combination of both” and “Openings either in the leading edge top and bottom surfaces that are employed chiefly to accomplish boundary layer control or for the purpose of reducing the induced drag. Any openings in the leasing edge should be reported and described as to shape, size, etc. This investigation is significant to justify a disc shape configuration for long-range application”.

This statement is explosive, for here Schulgen suspects that the Hortens or "someone else" has found the solution to get rid of "the boundary layer" and thus reduce drag and increase aircraft performance and efficiency significantly.

13. "Type of material, whether metal, ferrous, non-ferrous, or non-metallic," and "Composite or sandwich construction utilizing Various combinations of metals, plastics, and perhaps balsa wood."

Probably a strong indicator that Sculgens collection memorandum is directly related to the Roswell incident - because certain details described by witnesses to the Roswell debris are found in Schulgens listing! Specific, statements about "non-ferrous" metal, plastic and balsa wood!

14. “Unusual fabrication methods to achieve ecstreme light weight and structural stability particularly in connection with great capacity for fuel storage“.

Here Schulgen reveals his (and probably many others) thoughts on why such an unusual design was adopted, namely to reduce weight (and thus reduced the requirement for "thrust" of "lift" through the propultion system)

15. “Provisions for takeoff from ice, snow or water” og “Skid arrangements for either takeoff or landing.

Again an explosive statement, here Schulgen indirectly ask how on earth these things come from. and the answer, as he apparently suspects based on how the question is formulated, is a place with lots of snow, ice and water. Andes, the southern regions of Argentina and Antarctica?

16. “Jet propultion engines including turbo jets, rockets, ramjets, pulse jets, or a combination of all four”; og “Nuclear propultion (atomic energy). Atomic energi engines would probably be unlike any familiar type of engine, altough atomic engines might be employed in combination with any of the above types. Aircraft would be characterized by lack of fuel systems and fuel storage place”.

This statement indicates that the rest of the analysis of the document is correct, namely that general Sculgen thought in lines of conventionally powered saucers. But note that he also outlines a more radical possibility, namely nuclear-powered saucers. This must be viewed in context with his earlier statement regarding construction to reduce weight - because radioactive shielding of that time must necessarily have involved heavy weight, which requires as much reduction of other weight as possible.

17. “The power plant would likely be an integral part of the aircraft and could possibly not be distinguished as an item separate from the aircraft;” og “It is possible that the propulsive jet is governed or influenced for control of the aircraft. The presence of vanes or control surfaces in the exhaust or methods of changing the direction of the object should be observed.”

Again, a confirmation that the rest of the analysis of the document is correct; - because here Schulgen reveals that he not only thinks in terms of Horten flying wing, but more than suggest that the Horten brothers and other scientists may have been involved in something far more radical - the design of saucer-shaped aircrafts with the propultion system itself as the central component of the construction.

It is important to note that "the commanding officer of the Roswell Army Air Field ', Colonel William" Butch "Blanchard, immediately suspected that the debris did not represent a balloon or similar, but something Sovietish. General Schulgens memorandum provides in this view, a context, and one can from this conclude that Blanchards immediate impression is near the truth, and further that the official Mogul explanation is simply incorrect, and probably an attempt at disinformation from official sources .

Moreover, the document itself not only points in the direction of Nazi technology, but something straightforward Nazi, and this means that the old enemy was alive, organized and well-financed and also "out there somewhere" and in possession of extraordinary technology a decade - if not decades - in front of the Americans and the Russians had on the drawing board at the time.

Sculgen asks "where is the Horten", "what do they do?", "what type of landing gear do the saucers have?" - In other words, where do they come from?

Contextually, it is clear that Schulgen believe they are Russian, but also keeps the door open for a far more frightening possibility, namely the independent nazi - "Nazi International".

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