onsdag 21. mars 2012

Strange photo, - Foo fighters/nazi-UFO:

This photo I came across in a discussion forum. Unfortunately, I've found no information about where it comes from, or in what context it was first published.

The “Haunebu image” to the right is obviously added later. The interesting thing here is, of course, the picture on the left.

Picture text reads: "Gigantic German Foo-Craft Hunted by P-51".
... and continues:

May 11, Two days after Germany's Total Surrender!
It appears that the image comes from a newspaper clipping, possibly a book.

Most probably a hoax, but still interesting in my opinion, since the term "Foo craft" is used, and not "flying saucer" which was first introduced in 1947 - or the even later term; “UFO”.

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