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Hessdalen and UFOs

These days it is 30 years since it seriously broke loose in Hessdalen ...

 Residents in the small mountain village north of Røros in middle Norway have been bullied, ridiculed and harassed, but brave Hessdalen residents nonetheless reaffirmed that what they have seen, they have seen - even though none of them has ever earned a dime or achieved other benefits of it.


To suggest that a whole village have lied and fabricated this story for 30 years is absurd. And that all visitors over the years,  as well as an eventually considerable amount of researchers from home and abroad, should do the same, - that's conspiracy for you!

For those who may wish to further study the topic Hessdalen, I would recommend the book by Leif Havik from 1987:  'UFO phenomenon - is the impossible possible? "And Arne Wisth's book from 1983:" The UFO mystery in Hessdalen. "Both books are unfortunately only available in Norwegian, but I plan to publish translated excerpts here soon.

The most active period in Hessdalen was from autumn 1981 to the spring 1985. At its peak, several UFO sightings were reported daily. In 1984 Project Hessdalen arranged a field survey, and the final report is interesting reading. Observation rate has decreased considerably since the 80's, but still several observations are reported each year .

The same page also has a good collection of articles.

In addition, I recommend the Italian Project Hessdalen page:

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